UC Investment Society

Our Mission

Educating Young Investors


The Investment Society was established in 2014 to support University of Canterbury students by providing education around financial literacy and inspiring an interest in investing and the financial world.

We are now entering our sixth year, and after constant growth and expansion, these values still hold true. The education and support of University of Canterbury students remains our core purpose and mission. We achieve this across our broad range of seminars and networking events, competitions, workshops, academic tutorials and social events.

Whether you are simply looking to understand more about investing, or if you want to pursue a career in the financial industry, The Investment Society caters to everyone, so make sure you take your opportunities to sign up (for free) and actively participate in all we have to offer!


The Investment Society’s founding mission is to educate students with an interest in investing. We achieve this by inspiring and preparing members for life after university, the professional world, and retirement. We aim to provide students with the knowledge required to make decisions now that ultimately result in a more financially assured future.

In recent years, we have expanded this into various new areas including academic tutorials to support finance and economics students, practical workshops to give our graduates more industry knowledge and skills, women in finance to promote and celebrate diversity, and social events to build relationships and improve well-being.


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