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2019 Stock Portfolio Challenge

== Stock Portfolio Challenge 2019 ==

We're stoked to have Hatch Invest on board this year as a sponsor for the competition. If you have ever thought about buying shares in US listed companies; from Apple, Lululemon, Tesla or thousands of other organisations, think about trading with Hatch! Visit https://www.hatchinvest.nz/#utm_source=Canterbury%20Uni


Start with $100,000 of virtual money. Buy and sell thousands of shares from the US stock markets, simulating real trading through real time stock prices and brokerage fees. At the end of the competition, whoever has made the most money from their initial investment wins! Gameplay runs from 22nd of May - 9th of August 2019.


- First prize of $750, second prize of $250, and third prize of $150

- We also have cash and merch spot prizes to give away throughout the competition. Even if you make the worst trades you may still be in to win something...


Competition Instructions

We'll have spot prizes to give out within the first couple of weeks so make sure to get started ASAP on your portfolio creation! If you have any questions at all make sure you flick us a message or email us at comms@ucinvestmentsociety.com

Good luck and happy trading!