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We host a range of events throughout the university year. These include the termly Invested Interest talks, themed parties at the Foundry, as well as the coveted Stock Portfolio Challenge, where you can win an investment portfolio worth $1000.

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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Competition 2018

Join us for our first ever Cryptocurrency Portfolio Competition! With cryptocurrencies rising in popularity and public awareness, it’s a key time for any investor to consider the potential in this fast-paced technology.

We are teaming up with Cryptopia to bring a stock portfolio style challenge to the world of cryptocurrencies. Compete against other members of the society for a share in $750 of prize money, or equivalent in your designated cryptocurrency.

Result Submission

The following steps must be completed by 5pm Sunday, 30th September 2018. Any results submitted after this time will not be considered for prizes.

Step 1: Login
Login to your Cryptopia account. Visit the balances page.

home page large.png

Step 2: Screenshot the Balances page.
Take a screenshot of the balances page, similar to the image shown below. Your account name and BTC balance must be clearly visible in the screenshot.

balances screenshot large.png

Step 3: Save trade history
Visit the Trade History section. Adjust the number of entries visible to 25,000. Save a complete copy of your trade history to a CSV file. See the image below for details.

trade history large.png

Step 4: Submit
Send your Balance screenshot and Trade History CSV file to cryptocomp@ucinvestmentsociety.com by 5pm, Saturday 29th September 2018.

Step 5: Complete!
Winners will be announced on Monday, 1st October 2018.


DOT Distribution

6PM, Wednesday 22nd August


Start: 6PM, Wednesday 22nd August
End: 5PM, Friday 28th September


Location: Undercroft 101
6PM, Monday 1st October


Tutorial Presentation
Terms & Conditions

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