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2020 Executive Recruitment



Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible to submit your application for the 2020 UCIS Executive team.

We are flexible on positions and have taken more than 13 in previous years (i.e. in 2018 we took two (2) Trading Associates).There are approximately 4 general executive roles, which are all “Associate” roles - please see the “General Executive” role description for all these details.

We don’t have a hard deadline for applications at this stage – we are treating them as rolling, so the quicker you get your application in, the quicker we will review and look to schedule an interview – so get it in ASAP so you don’t miss
out and so your preferred roles don’t fill up too quick!

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What is your interest in being an executive of the UCIS? Do you think there are any unique personal factors you could bring to the club if selected to be part of the executive for 2020?
What interests you about finance and investing? Tell us about a recent financial event, company or investment of interest and why you felt it to be of significance.
What skills, experience or knowledge do you have that you believe makes you well suited to the particular role(s) you are applying for?