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Women In Finance (WIF) is a blog dedicated to women that are in finance and business related courses at the University of Canterbury. The Investment Society and UC Business & Law would like to acknowledge certain individuals who have shown great skill in their degree and achievements from their personal, to professional aspirations

About Us

When it comes to balancing gender equality, the finance industry has not kept up with other professional fields. With women representing only 10-15% of employees in the finance sector, it is clear this is a profession dominated by men. While the presence of women in finance is growing, there is little acknowledgment of the achievements of women in this area. The Investment Society, supported by UC Business & Law, aim to change this by acknowledging women in finance with great achievements in their personal and professional lives. By sharing the achievements of these women, we hope to inspire others to enter this industry and show that women in finance can and will achieve great things.

Each term, The Investment Society will recognise two women for their outstanding academic results and leadership potential. Furthermore, The Investment Society will run a Women In Finance event bi-annually with a guest speaker who is in a prominent leadership position in the finance industry. This enables students to meet and learn from women who are at the top of their fields and understand how they got to where they are today. This is also an excellent networking opportunity and a chance to get women together to discuss the gender inequality in the industry. By recognising the gender imbalance and sharing the achievements of women, we hope to contribute to the growing number of women in finance and inspire others to embark on a finance career, with the ultimate goal of gender equality in the finance industry.

Caitlin Hendren


Caitlin Hendren

What do you study?

I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance! Next year I think I’ll do the Masters of Applied Finance and Economics at UC as well. 

 Did you always plan to study Accounting/Finance at UC? 

Not at all! I think I’ve changed my majors about 5 times by now! I started off enrolled in a law degree with a BCom and then changed it before uni even started because I realised I didn’t want to be a lawyer! I added the finance major half way through first year after enjoying the intro in Acct102. 

 Have you enjoyed your time at UC?

I have definitely enjoyed my time at UC! They have such a good campus and social environment meaning there’s something for everyone! They also have the best clubs scene in New Zealand and have heaps of interesting clubs to join! I’m currently on the exec of the Investment Society and I thoroughly recommend to everyone to get involved! Not only does it look great on the CV but you also meet heaps of new people and learn a bunch of new things!

 What are your goals for 2019?

For 2019 I want to do well in my courses and end my Bcom on a good note! I’m also going on a trip to the States in the June/July holidays so I want to save up as much money as I can before then so I can do everything I want to, including sky-diving over the Grand-Canyon! I’m also involved with the Women in Finance part of the Investment Society and so I really want that to go well and get heaps of women at UC involved with our events!

What do you do for the Investment Society? 

I do quite a range of things! I got involved at the end of last year in their exec recruitment for 2019 and since then I’ve run a couple of Finc201 tutorials and planned a bunch of marketing tools for this year! I mostly run our facebook page, make and distribute posters and make sure we get a good turnout at events!  

 What do you want to be doing in 10 years? 

I have honestly no clue! I have an internship with Milford Asset Management in Auckland who does fund management so if I enjoy what I’m doing there then I might go into Investment Banking or something similar! But if I decide that I prefer the Corporate Finance area, then maybe working for a big 4 or similar in somewhere like New York or London would be cool! I think the ultimate goal would be to be involved in the management of a large company, maybe as CFO or something like that! 

 If could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy and Greece! I would love to go on a tour around Italy and Greece and just relax on the beaches and things like that! I’d also like to go to Monaco and really anywhere in Europe! But I want to wait until I have enough money to do it right and go everywhere I want to go!

 What do you like to do outside of university? 

I was a competitive swimmer for about 5 years in high school so I love the water! I like swimming, whether it be at the beach, the pool or the lake! I’m actually a lifeguard and a swim coach part time so that takes up a bit of time out of uni as well! I also love a BYO or Wednesday night Karaoke at the Craic! 

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