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Mission Statement

Women In Finance (WIF) is a blog dedicated to women that are in finance and business related courses at the University of Canterbury. The Investment Society and UC Business & Law would like to acknowledge certain individuals who have shown great skill in their degree and achievements from their personal, to professional aspirations

About Us

When it comes to balancing gender equality, the finance industry has not kept up with other professional fields. With women representing only 10-15% of employees in the finance sector, it is clear this is a profession dominated by men. While the presence of women in finance is growing, there is little acknowledgment of the achievements of women in this area. The Investment Society, supported by UC Business & Law, aim to change this by acknowledging women in finance with great achievements in their personal and professional lives. By sharing the achievements of these women, we hope to inspire others to enter this industry and show that women in finance can and will achieve great things.

Each term, The Investment Society will recognise two women for their outstanding academic results and leadership potential. Furthermore, The Investment Society will run a Women In Finance event bi-annually with a guest speaker who is in a prominent leadership position in the finance industry. This enables students to meet and learn from women who are at the top of their fields and understand how they got to where they are today. This is also an excellent networking opportunity and a chance to get women together to discuss the gender inequality in the industry. By recognising the gender imbalance and sharing the achievements of women, we hope to contribute to the growing number of women in finance and inspire others to embark on a finance career, with the ultimate goal of gender equality in the finance industry.

Lucy Reeves

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Lucy Reeves

Field of Study (Majors)?

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance & Marketing

Have you enjoyed your time at UC?

Yes! I’ve loved my time at UC, having made so many great friends and being a part of different clubs has been so much fun. I’ve also loved living in Christchurch, being so close to the beach, the city, the mountains, and all the scenes surrounding, it’s a great location.

What are your career aspirations and why? 

I’d like to be really good at what I do or at least be continuously learning and improving my skill set. I’d also like to eventually have some sort of leadership role within an organization that allows me to focus more on strategy and planning rather day to day operations. At some point I’d like to spend some time working overseas, maybe in the UK and travel while I’m there.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I am unsure, possibly working on having my own business or helping someone with theirs? Hopefully doing something I love. It’s good to have some sort of idea as the where you’d like to be, but I’ve always thought you shouldn’t over plan things, just take opportunities as they come along and with a bit of luck and hard work eventually, you’ll land on your feet.

What else do you do outside of University? 

I am the marketing manager for entré this year. I ski, occasionally travel, spend too much money on food, go home to Piopio, Waikato and work on the family farm or I’m walking in the Port Hills or doing a gym class.

What goals would you like to achieve for 2019/2020?

As it is my final year of university my goals are to finish my degree and make the absolute most of my last semester!

What are you passionate about?

Gin, sleeping, and going to the beach are up there, but also women helping women support each other in getting ahead.

What is something interesting about you? 

Sleeping is my talent; I can sleep almost anywhere anytime and would sleep for 10 hours every night given the chance.

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