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Women In Finance (WIF) is a blog dedicated to women that are in finance and business related courses at the University of Canterbury. The Investment Society and UC Business & Law would like to acknowledge certain individuals who have shown great skill in their degree and achievements from their personal, to professional aspirations

About Us

When it comes to balancing gender equality, the finance industry has not kept up with other professional fields. With women representing only 10-15% of employees in the finance sector, it is clear this is a profession dominated by men. While the presence of women in finance is growing, there is little acknowledgment of the achievements of women in this area. The Investment Society, supported by UC Business & Law, aim to change this by acknowledging women in finance with great achievements in their personal and professional lives. By sharing the achievements of these women, we hope to inspire others to enter this industry and show that women in finance can and will achieve great things.

Each term, The Investment Society will recognise two women for their outstanding academic results and leadership potential. Furthermore, The Investment Society will run a Women In Finance event bi-annually with a guest speaker who is in a prominent leadership position in the finance industry. This enables students to meet and learn from women who are at the top of their fields and understand how they got to where they are today. This is also an excellent networking opportunity and a chance to get women together to discuss the gender inequality in the industry. By recognising the gender imbalance and sharing the achievements of women, we hope to contribute to the growing number of women in finance and inspire others to embark on a finance career, with the ultimate goal of gender equality in the finance industry.

Maisie Nattrass


Maisie Nattrass

Field of Study (Majors)?

I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Economics and Psychology. 

Do you have to have finance as a major to get into the finance industry?

With my degree I was very surprised to be taken as an intern over the summer at BNZ in the financial markets. As well as this, several of my friends who do engineering have even secured themselves jobs at JP Morgan in Sydney. There are definitely opportunities to enter the finance industry even if you don’t take the subject or never took it at university! 

Have you enjoyed your time at UC?

I have really enjoyed my time at UC! If you had asked me whether I thought this would be in the case in my last year of school I probably would have said absolutely not. Having grown up in Christchurch, I underestimated the unique feeling and culture that the campus has. There is so much to be involved with, from social all the way through to academic things! 

What are your career aspirations and why? 

I have aspirations to be in healthcare management of some sort. I think there is so much scope for change within the healthcare industry and in particular for mental health. I also really enjoy the sciences and so using that in some way to fit in with the business aspect would be highly rewarding as a career. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I have absolutely no idea! I guess doing something I am passionate about and love to do in a work environment that is flexible and promotes innovation. 

Who are some leaders you look up to? 

Jacinda Ardern –  This probably doesn’t need any explanation as to why. 

Sarah Robb O'Hagan – Sarah is super cool and even better is that she is from Christchurch. She was named one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in Sports” and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.” She has worked for the likes of Nike and is well known for transforming the sports drink, Gatorade, into a billion-dollar company becoming president after two years. She now leads several self-made companies.

What else do you do outside of University? 

If I am not at university then you will likely find me outside either running or biking. Balancing this, I love Rollickin’ and so honestly if you were to guess where I was on any night of the week I would most likely be eating my single scoop salted caramel ice-cream in a cone with a chocolate shot. 

What goals would you like to achieve for 2019?

I have started a club for Women in Business at UC aptly named “UC Women in Business”. So my main goals are to grow the club and make it as worthwhile as I can for the members. Other than this, just trying to finish my undergraduate degree and make the most of the university life while I still can!

What are you passionate about?

This is a hard question! If I was to just name one thing I would probably say mental health. I think people often prioritize far too many things above their own mental health.